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About Me

Graphic Design to me, means “Less is More” in Graphic Design and Art.
I believe the essential message should be distilled out of the concept, and the core message should be of the most importance.

My Style and goals are influenced by a myriad of Artists and Designers.
Most are sequential Artists, Comic art has been a major influence on both my style and my goals as an Artist and Designer.

Here’s a list of some of my major influences

This list is nowhere near complete.
I believe every Artist and Designer is influenced by art and life daily.
There will be some tributes and discussion about my influences and Graphic Design in my Blog, so please stop by and have a look from time to time.

My Goals as an Artist

As you can tell by now, I do like a clean futuristic design.
I feel we need more “bright future” Designs today, I tend to avoid the “grunge” style of Graphic Design.
I hope to get your message across and convey a sense of tomorrow in any Graphic Design or Story.
When telling a story in graphic form, continuity and clear meaning should be of prime importance, no matter what the medium.
“Less is More” means less clutter, not less work for your project or Graphic Design.
Reducing the message to it’s clearest form does not reduce the amount of effort applied to each project, in fact sometimes this is more difficult than simply settling for a mediocre Graphic Design or Story.

I specialize in illustration and Graphic Design.


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