Some Changes…

OK, been quiet here for a bit.

Been super busy, cancelled moving plans, lots and lots of changes.

So look for a new direction from me here soon.

More Lowbrow and Pin-Up Art, just gonna do Lettering, Flatting and Colouring in Comics or Webcomics.

It’s honestly a time and money issue at this point.

But look for new Content soon!


July 2, 2022

I think the Web is getting too complex…

OK, howdy out there in WebLand…

Not sure who will read this if anyone, but I am gonna share my views on current Web Design and Sites.

The more complex Sites and Platforms become, the the average user can create their own sites etc.

I think this trend is to drive people to solutions like Wix etc. The corporations have become gatekeepers, a prime example is Elon Musk paying (or at this writing attempting to buy) an insane amount for Twitter, when in reality Twitter is just a bbs with a fancy makeover.

The Venture Capitalists that have infiltrated and polluted the Web want you to think what they do is somehow magic because it’s overcomplicated, you need the latest browser, the fastest computer…

This is all crap, sites break because they are just too server load heavy, too complex to just run.

Take back the Web, learn WordPress and host your own Blog and Site.

That’s all for now folks.