Web Design

Website Design pricing is calculated on a by Project basis.

I specialize in “hardened” WordPress installations, this also usually includes the purchase of a professional Security Add-on for the site.

I also specialize in WebComic installations for WordPress.

I can do HTML and CSS also depending on your needs.

eCommerce sites: I usually refer clients to someone far more qualified as this involves a risk factor for customers, so it should be done by a professional who specializes in eCommerce integration, talk to your Payment Provider and I am sure they will have some recommendations.

I will give you an honest quote for site Design and Costs involved in both creation and maintenance of your Project or Website.

I do not advise going to fiverr or any other “low end” service provider, remember you get what you pay for, if you think your Online Presence is only worth a few dollars, well there is not much I can do about that.

Another side note, if you want a Site “Re-Design” I will start from scratch, I do not build on someone else’s foundation. (This takes longer and can involve more costs than starting fresh)

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